Brad and Emily dating without Ricki

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Brad Womack and Emily Maynard are trying to work on their relationship, but there seems to be one big piece of the puzzle missing: Emily’s daughter, Ricki. The Bachelor and his bride-to-be have been hanging out together, but no one has spotted them with Maynard’s five year old daughter.

Family iconIf things are going to work between Brad and Emily, then they need to find out what life is going to be life as a family. Things won’t always be just the two of them, and Ricki is the biggest part of Emily’s life. So where is little Ricki? “At home in North Carolina with nannies,” according to HollyBaby.

After Emily was apart from her daughter for so long while filming The Bachelor, it’s a bit surprising that she is still leaving her (albeit for shorter time periods). Poor little Ricki is losing out on time with her mom, and it’s not fair, is it?

While many are wondering if Brad and Emily are faking their relationship, there have been other signs that they are working things out. For instance, Brad’s brother, Wes, referred to Emily as “sis” on Twitter this week. There are so many ingredients in this relationship, and no one really knows what is going to happen.

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