Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Twins Have Down Syndrome?

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Angelina Jolie’s twins have down syndrome? According to Star Magazine’s latest wild report there is a possibility. The cover of the magazine, emblazoned with the title “TRUTH ABOUT THE TWINS” and “Down Syndrome Drama” claims to have inside information from the couple’s former nanny.

It seems that when the nanny voiced concerns that the twins have down syndrome, Angelina flipped out and wouldn’t listen. The former nanny also says that one child will “take longer to grasp things” than other children.

So far, that’s about it. A couple of bad pictures on a magazine cover and some hearsay from a former nanny. This, a diagnosis does not make! Bear in mind that it appears no experts were consulted in the writing of Star’s article.

Is it possible that Angelina’s twins have down syndrome? Totally. Just like it’s possible that any toddler you see could be afflicted with the terrible condition. If, on the small chance that Star is right, shouldn’t it be up to the parents to speak on their child’s behalf?

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