Brad Pitt Emasculated Mike Tyson

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Back in the ’80s, Brad Pitt did something that even the biggest, toughest, strongest men in the world had never been able to do. He emasculated Mike Tyson. Yes, before the Moneyball star married Jennifer Aniston, and long before he’d ever heard of Angelina Jolie, Brad had an affair with Iron Mike’s first wife, Robin Givens. Oops.

Of course, Robin wasn’t married to Tyson when she and Brad first hooked up. In fact, they didn’t even know each other. Robin Givens first met Angelina Jolie’s baby daddy in 1986 when they were young T.V. stars working together on the sitcom Head of the Class. After 6 months of dating, they broke up in March 1987. But apparently, that wasn’t the end of their connection. In 1988, Givens wed Tyson. That union lasted slightly less than a year. So what? Pooh happens. However, what no one knew until earlier this week is that Tyson and Givens continued to hook up after their divorce. And so, apparently, did Givens and Pitt. Which was O.K. They were all single adults. But somehow, Tyson admits that when he found out in a very awkward way that his ex was still having sex with Brad, he was… well, intimidated.

According to Tyson, the most embarrassing night of his life occurred when he was waiting at Robin’s house, presumably hoping to have sex with her. When she finally arrived, she was with Brad Pitt.

“As I go to my car she drives up … with the handsome Brad Pitt,” remembers Mike.

The former champ was crestfallen.

“Aw man I ain’t getting’ no p***y tonight!” was, by his won admission, his first thought. “I went from a hard stallion to a wet noodle,” he remembers, “and it just totally overwhelmed me. I had no energy to fight.”

Brad’s psychological and/or emotional reaction to the awkward almost-meeting remains unknown. So far there’s been no comment from Brad or his reps. Nor has there been any comment from Robin Givens or her reps.

Perhaps that’s a good thing. Maybe what happened in the ’80s should stay in the ’80s. Eh, Champ.

Ah, memories. Best of luck to all concerned.

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