Brad Pitt Gay Marriage and Weed

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Brad Pitt recently admitted why he stopped smoking marijuana in his early Hollywood days. He would get a crazy case of the munchies, then eat eat eat — and he feared he was becoming a “doughnut.” He also quit drugs because they sheltered him from the world. So weed made him fat and out of touch. Okey dokey.

In other Brad Pitt news, have you been wondering if he’ll ever marry Angelina Jolie? Only if the U.S. laws banning gay marriage are changed, says Pitt. Well, that sounds like a fine excuse to me, seeing as how he and Angie are getting along so well lately. I mean, he did just ban her from his premiere of Inglorious Basterds, according to Star magazine. Ouch.

You can read more about Brad’s weed and family talk in PARADE this coming Sunday.

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