Brad Pitt is Dead or Death by Twitter?

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Is Brad Pitt dead? For a few hours today, the internet was abuzz with the news of the actor’s untimely demise. Of course, Pitt was just a victim of yet another Twitter hoax involving their alleged “death.”

So who starts these hoaxes… which seem to be a near daily occurrence for celebrities ranging from Justin Bieber to Hugh Hefner and pretty much anyone in between? It turns out, like so many before it, the Pitt news came from an outfit called Global Associated News. They claimed that he fell off a cliff while on-set filming a movie in New Zealand.

But wait there’s more. Brad Pitt also died today of “cardiac arrest after consuming more than two-dozen sleeping pills.” He later died of a snowboarding accident in Switzerland. This guy must have as many lives as kids!

As if the world needed any confirmation that Brad was actually still alive, Gossip Cop was quickly on the scene letting a world of Pitt fans know that Brad was alive and well.

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