Brad Pitt Plays Difficult Dad in New Malick Movie (video)

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Brad Pitt is known as a great dad. With six kids to take care of, Pitt is legendary for being attentive and caring and really into being a dad. However, in the long-awaited movie The Tree of Life from Badlands/The Thin Red Line auteur Terrence Malick, he plays completely against type. Yes, Brad Pitt plays a mean and angry dad with a less than gentle way with his sons, one of whom grows up to be a distraught Sean Penn. Will this type of characterization do anything to affect Pitt’s persona as a perfect dad?

In Hollywood, most people are not what they are onscreen or onstage. The stories of performers, like Beyonce creating stage personas that go against their normal, everyday type is a time-honored entertainment industry tradition. The persona is an opportunity for the artist to lose him–or herself onstage, to have greater confidence, because the artist is only revealing a put-on authority. But, still, the audience will believe that the artist is that way in real life. So, that being said, is this going to affect the way people look at Brad Pitt?

Of course, most moviegoers know an awful lot about Brad Pitt, since he is rarely out of the public eye. However, people knew a lot about Marlon Brando, too, but people thought of him throughout the last decades of his life as the Godfather. With a poetic director like Malick behind him, it is clear that Brad Pitt will have an opportunity to show off his real acting chops in The Tree of Life. However, do you think he could ever do anything onscreen that would reflect badly on his public persona?

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