Brad Pitt says No to Gun Control, Yes to Guns

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Gun control is something that actor Brad Pitt feels is not synonymous with American values. Speaking about his being a gun owner, Pitt stated that “his right to have one is ‘in our DNA'” as Americans and he “doesn’t feel safe” without a gun in his home to protect his family.

It is rare that a veteran Hollywood actor would openly acknowledge conservative tendencies; something that is almost taboo in the movie industry. Hollywood is dominated by liberals with fascist tendencies toward all those who do not fall in line; and the liberal disdain of guns is well-known. Such an unpopular point of view can all too often end a promising career in the film industry.

Pitt comments that he feels “better having a gun. I really do. I don’t feel the house is completely safe, if I don’t have one hidden somewhere.” Guns are not new to Pitt who got his first BB gun when he was in nursery school and has owned a number of other guns throughout his life.

But in Hollywood, any divergence from established liberal ideology is not usually permitted, and those who do not tow the Democrat Party line pay a high price. It seems that an industry that was once the subject of an intense anti-communist purge has adopted the tactics of their opponents. Over the past few decades, the left has forced the entire industry to accept liberal ideology with a vigor that matches or even surpasses the infamous Joseph McCarthy.

Openly stating a belief that is in opposition to that ideology is a dangerous thing in Hollywood. Fortunately for Pitt, he is such a dominant force in the movies that his traditionally patriotic aversion to gun control will probably have no effect on his career.

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