Brad Pitt, Time Traveler? (Video)

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While scientists debate whether time travel is possible, it appears that some people have already proven the concept. Either that, or there’s a guy from a hundred years ago who was a dead ringer for Brad Pitt.

The whole “time traveling celebrities” craze started last year when a side-by-side portrait of Nicholas Cage, was paired with an old photograph of an unidentified, slightly vampirish-looking chap from the 19th century.

The likeness was so incredible, Cage even made fun of it himself on the David Letterman show. But he curiously never really answered the question.

A video on YouTube takes the concept one step further and digs up other examples of some famous faces which seem to have aged gracefully over the years.

Aside from Brad Pitt (or is that Hermann Rorschach?) there’s Jack Black (rocking out as Paul Revere) and Peter Dinklage, looking exactly the same as when he was a royal dwarf sitting for a portrait in 1645.

While the Michael Jackson side-by-side is a stretch (he inspired the Sphinx in Egypt, nose job and all) the Grady from Sanford and Son/Pythagoras panel is enough to make one realize that people have looked pretty much the same for thousands of years.

Once a star, always a star…

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