Brad Pitt’s Mom Gets Death Threats for Obama Stance

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Brad Pitt’s mother, Jane, has received death threats since trashing President Barack Obama for his support of gay marriage and abortion.

Due to the vile attacks on her character, the celebrity mom is now frightened to even speak to the press. Aren’t liberals such “tolerant” people? Issuing death threats is such a mature response to people who disagree with you.

When Jane penned a missive to the local newspaper critical of Obama, she was only responding to someone else’s letter. The first letter-writer said Christians shouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney because of his Mormonism.

Jane Pitt, a devout Southern Baptist, responded with support for Romney, along with a few choice words for the current occupant of the White House. Obviously, the only reason the media made a big deal out of this, is because of who her son is.

What followed was a tsunami of hate directed at the actor’s mother.

On Twitter, poster Sandy Kownacka said she hoped the woman would “die.”

Other tweeters called her a “dumb c—” and a “whacko,” and ranted, “the gay community made your kid a star.”

While her son Doug has publicly supported her right to voice an opinion, Brad has been silent on the contretemps. Maybe, he’s amused by the whole spectacle. Brad Pitt’s too big a star for this event to have any impact on his film career, so he’s probably just waiting for the controversy to blow over.

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