Brad Womack and Emily Maynard Are Done ‘Bachelor’ Staffer Says

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Another new report has come out that Brad Womack and Emily Maynard have in deed ended their relationship in recent weeks. The pair are said to be no more. Why are they not coming out to confirm this breakup officially, though? It is because they are staying together right now for the series. Yes, no one wants to make The Bachelor look bad. Another failed relationship, especially one that fails so quickly, would not be good for the show at all.

Where does this come from? A staffer from The Bachelor confirmed that the couple are done, and a source close to Brad Womack said the following to OK! Magazine:

There have been so many breakups and make ups—mostly over the phone or Skype. Finally, Emily told him she can’t do this anymore and ended it.

Now this is just another source with no name on both counts, but with all these people coming out to say that these two are done, there has to be something to all of the rumors.

It is just hard to know what the truth in the situation really is without Brad and Emily saying anything. Everyone continues to speculate, and the rumors will continue to run wild until official confirmation is released. What do you think of this latest report? Do you believe that someone behind the scenes at The Bachelor finally spilled the beans?

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