Brad Womack hospitalized in Austin

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Brad Womack has been rushed to the hospital in Austin, Texas. The Bachelor was taken by ambulance to an area hospital after someone called 911. The reality star was treated for a non life-threatening medical condition, according to TMZ.

File:LAFD ambulance.jpgNo one knows what was (or is) wrong with Womack, but a rep told TMZ, “everybody is fine.” It could have been something as simple as an allergic reaction (although they can be life threatening), or perhaps he was dehydrated and was feeling light-headed. There are a number of things that could have attributed to his hospitalization, but as of now, it’s all just speculation.

The timing of this is very interesting, since he has been under a lot of scrutiny since The Bachelor ended. You almost feel bad for the guy who can’t seem to catch a break nowadays. It sounds like he is going to be just fine.

No word on if fiancée Emily Maynard is with him.

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