Brad Womack won’t Move for Love

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The Bachelor Brad Womack is a Texas boy and he’s making it quite clear that he’s not willing to move for love.

While on ABC’s The View promoting the show, Brad explained, “I have some deep-seeded roots in Austin. And I made that clear. I know loveThe Bachelor! is a compromise, but that’s one part of love I just can’t compromise” (via Us Weekly).

Hopefully the ladies on the show are willing to live in Texas and to overlook Womack’s criminal past. He really seems to make all the rules and if these girls don’t want to follow them, then they can hit the road. However it is certain that one of the remaining bunch is willing the follow the rules because Brad’s already admitted that he found love this time around.

It’s all part of this romantic story that The Bachelor tries to create. These women fall in love with a prince (just go with it, it’s a story) and they move in to his castle where he protects them forever and ever. Barf.

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