Bradley Cooper Agrees that Ryan Gosling Should be the Sexiest Man Alive

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Bradley Cooper should have been honored when he was named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine, but now he’s agreeing with a group of protestors that Ryan Gosling should have gotten the honor.

Gosling fans were so upset when Bradley was given the title of Sexiest Man Alive that they actually protested outside of People magazine’s offices. So instead of getting to revel in being dubbed the hottest hunk in Hollywood, Bradley might just be feeling a little bit insecure now.

According to Contact Music, Bradley finally addressed the backlash on Graham Norton’s show. He admitted that he was made well aware of all the hate he was getting for beating out Ryan, but Gosling fans shouldn’t bash Bradley Cooper because of People’s mistake – he actually agrees with the gals that think Ryan was robbed.

Bradley would know just how sexy Ryan can be – the two have been working together on the movie The Place Beyond the Pines. And Bradley has nothing but nice things to say about his costar – he says that he loves his fellow actor and calls him “the greatest.” So when People named Bradley the sexiest man alive, it seems that he didn’t understand what the magazine was talking about and felt the need to do a little investigation.

He went on the internet to compare photographs of himself and Ryan Gosling from when they were both in Paris last week. He described Ryan as looking like he was in a photoshoot or like he just came off the runway, while Bradley described himself as looking like “the neighbor who never really comes out of his house.”

Poor Bradley Cooper even said that now the title is a constant reminder of how not sexy he is. It seems that being named the sexiest man alive has become more of a curse than a blessing, because now he’s worried about living up to the title every day and feels the pressure to make everything he does sexier – even something simple like opening a door. However, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of women who would watch Bradley open doors all day, no matter how he does it. Plus the fact that he’s been linked to Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Lopez, Melanie Laurent, and Zoe Saldana should be plenty of proof that he’s got plenty of sex appeal.

However, it sound like Ryan Gosling fans should be happy that their favorite Hollywood hunk didn’t win the title – Bradley is making it sound like his costar dodged a real bullet.

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