Brain Dead Mom Gives Birth to Healthy Twins

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A 26-year-old mother deemed brain-dead after a fall last month has given birth to healthy twin boys. This is nothing short of a miracle–especially for her grieving boyfriend and 3-year-old son.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Christine Bolden and her family were outside walking in March when she fell and suffered a deadly aneurysm. She was kept on life support because she was pregnant with twins.

The twin boys were kept inside of Christine’s body until April 17th, when they reached the 25-weeks gestation mark. At that point they were delivered via C-section.

“Christine’s grandmother told them not to numb her because maybe when they cut her (for the C-section) she would have felt that, and woke up saying, ‘wait a minute I can feel that! What is you all doing to me!’ But it didn’t happen,'” Christine’s aunt, Danielle Bolden, said in an interview. “God could have took her and the boys. But he left the boys. That’s a miracle.”

The babies are small–weighing in at just over one pound a piece, but both are expected to survive.

Can you imagine the mixed range of emotions the surviving family members of Christine Bolden–diagnosed brain-dead by doctors but kept alive to house her unborn babies–must be feeling now that the babies have been born but their mother, girlfriend, granddaughter and niece is gone?

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