Brain in a Jar Discovered by Dead Student’s Classmates – Parents Sue NYC

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A brain in a jar discovered in a NYC morgue was supposed to be buried with the body. However, the parents of a Staten Island kid killed in a car crash are suing the city when their son’s brain was found on display in a jar by a group of kids.

Parents of Jesse Shipley became furious when they learned that their son’s brain was in a jar on display at a morgue in NYC.  The weird part of this story is how the brain in a jar was found.

CBS News reports that during a recent field trip to the city morgue, a group of students from Port Richmond High School made a gruesome discovery.  While at the morgue, the classmates of Jesse Shipley, who died in car crash in 2005, saw a jar with a brain in it on display with his name on it.

When parents Korisha and Andre Shipley learned of the bizarre discovery, they were outraged, as they should be. They maintain that they have no idea how their son’s organ made its way on display in that fashion.  Their beliefs were that Jesse Shipley’s brain was buried with the body following the autopsy in 2005.

Among the students from Port Richmond High School who observed the jar’s creepy contents were Jesse Shipley’s best friend and girlfriend.  According to the plaintiff’s attorney, the kids were “shaking and upset”.  Shipley’s best friend ran outside the morgue and frantically called her mother.  During the call she said, “Mom, Jesse’s brain is here! I can’t be here.”

Syracuse News reports that a doctor provided a deposition during the discovery part of the lawsuit the parents filed.  Dr. Stephen de Roux said in sworn testimony that the brain was kept in a jar for routine tests to be done by a specialist.  However, it is feasible to wait until he accumulates at least 6 over a six-month-period to have the specialist make the trek there.

Currently, an appeals court has cleared a hurdle for the parents of Jessie to continue their pursuit of the legal action they filed for the mishap.  NYC attorney’s are weighing options towards resolution.

After the discovery of their son’s brain in a jar, NYC exhumed the body of Jesse Shipley and returned the organ.  The family then had a proper burial of their beloved son.

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