Braless Blake Lively, Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Still: Lunch Together Publicly (Photo)

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Recent rumors that Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio were no longer dating have effectively been crushed thanks to a new photo showing a braless Lively and DiCaprio lunching together publicly this Friday. Blake and Leonardo were spotted at Umami Burger picking up some yummy burgers.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Umami Burger with Blake Lively!In fact, the restaurant chain is becoming one of the couple’s favorite food joints because they were seen, but not photographed, at another Umami Burger earlier in August.

In the photo, Lively looks dashing in her backless, blue sundress. She topped off her outfit by going braless and sporting a fashionable brown fedora hat. DiCaprio was dressed down in a long-sleeved blue shirt and a baseball cap. Blake had finished work on the Savages set earlier that day so chances are she was ready to just relax with her ultra hot boy toy.

Fortunately, Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationship seems to be intact despite constant rumors that they are no longer together. It must be really difficult to maintain a strong relationship when you are a high-profile celebrity dating another high-profile celebrity. Plus, it’s hard to know that others like Katie Cassidy are gunning for your man. But, somehow Blake and Leonardo are working things out together. It’s sweet.

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