Brandi Glanville Explains Quickie Marriage

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Fans of Brandi Glanville and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills woke up to quite a surprise when they found out the reality star had gotten hitched again.

While celebrating New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, Glanville did something a little crazy and ended up marrying her best friend, Darin Harvey. To the couple, it was all in good fun, but some of her Twitter followers were not amused. After receiving numerous tweets, Glanville took it upon herself to offer up an explanation about the quickie marriage saying:

I didnt mean to offend anyone! I beleive everyone shud be able to get married & maybe even embarass themselves in Vegas ;). This yr has been Great for me in many ways! Im gr8ful for all the ppl I met thru RHOBV. Bare w/ me, Im gonna make mistakes, but I always learn from them! xob

Brandi Glanville is not the first person to partake in an impromptu Vegas wedding and she certainly will not be the last. While some may feel that an unplanned Vegas wedding is irresponsible and mocks the sanctity of marriage, there are those who, like Glanville, see it as just fun.

She also added that no paperwork was done regarding the marriage, stating that it was nothing more than a ceremony.

What do you think about Brandi’s Vegas wedding?

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