Brandi Glanville Reveals Why She Can’t Let What LeAnn Rimes Did to Her Go

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Brandi Glanville seems to be holding a grudge against LeAnn Rimes, and while most can understand where she’s coming from, some have criticized her for bashing her in the press. But now, Brandi is opening up in a new interview about why exactly she has so much hate towards the country singer.

“When I’m home alone on a holiday and LeAnn is tweeting pictures with my children, it breaks my heart,” Brandi explains in the new issue of Glamour Magazine. “One way I hear from LeAnn is she’ll text me—hurtful things like, ‘I can’t wait to make your kids’ lunches and go to soccer….'” These are things that have yet to be said and certainly explain a lot. LeAnn sort of sounds like the ex-wife/step-mom from hell. Why would she feel the need to taunt Brandi in such a way — and use her kids to do so?

Even if LeAnn had been totally sorry and tried to make things right between herself and Brandi, there obviously would have still been tension there, but she hasn’t which is just one more reason why Brandi still has such ill-will towards her. “I’ve never found LeAnn to be remorseful. I found her to be like, ‘Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, I got your family,'” Brandi explains.

“My heartache probably lasted a lot longer than it should have, because in the old days, you broke up with someone, you never saw ‘em again,” she explains. “You’re not seeing pictures of how in love they are.” Brandi is definitely in a very unique situation when it comes to her family life. She splits time with her children with husband Eddie and LeAnn, which is bound to be awkward, and all the private taunting and tabloids can only make that much worse.

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