Brandi Glanville Talks Tabloids, RHOBH Relationships, & More

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Brandi Glanville burst on the scene on the second season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a feisty blonde fresh off a divorce and not afraid to let her presence be known. While some were taken aback by her wild ways, most fans embraces her for being so open and honest. So, how does Brandi feel about the viewers response to her? She dished on that and more in a new interview with FOX News.

As for people’s reaction to Brandi, they either love her or they hate her, and she’s used to it. “It’s been like that my whole life,” she explains, adding that people typically make their opinions right away which likely makes it easy for her to see who’s on her side and who is not.

Prior to appearing on the show, Brandi went through a very public split from Eddie Cibrian after he cheating on her with LeAnn Rimes — and got caught by paparazzi. It may have been hard for Brandi to have to see her husband’s face on every magazine with another women, but in the end, she’s thankful it was out in the open. “It made me realize that this was really happening,” she admits. “I think you can fall under a delusion and you don’t want to admit it to yourself. It made it real and it made me realize he was moving on.”

Even though Brandi has since moved past her divorce, she still has to deal with Eddie since they have two children together — and they definitely have their ups and down. For instance, Eddie has refused to let their kids appear on Brandi’s show. “We have two different styles of parenting. It’s not great right now but he’s stuck with me and I’m stuck with him. We have two great children together,” she explains.

Speaking of moving on, Brandi is currently dating, but nothing is official quite yet. “I don’t know if it’s love or just like and an attraction so we’ll figure it out,” she says. Fans would love to see Brandi in a relationship. So far on the show, all viewers have seen is single Brandi, so when that time comes, fans will get to know her on another level.

Also during the interview, Brandi shockingly revealed that she and Kim Richards are “actually in a decent place right now” and kind of have something special, but as for her relationship with Taylor Armstrong, they are still on the outs.

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