Brandy Misses Hanging with Old BFF Kim Kardashian (Video)

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Sex tape? What sex tape? Brandy was on the Wendy Williams show on Monday and revealed she’s not mad at Kim Kardashian any more. In fact, she misses her ol’ bestie.

Brandy and Kimmie were inseparable buds back in the day. You know, before Kim Kardashian became a household name. Not for any talent, but because of a sex video exploding on the web starring Kim and Brandy’s brother, Ray J.

It seems the relationship went south after that, and Brandy hasn’t spoken with Kim since. Even though they (kinda) appeared in a movie together. In Tyler Perry’s new film, The Marriage Counselor, Kim has a cameo role. Did they play kissy-face and make up on the set? Not a chance.

Turns out, Brandy and Kim were never on the same stage together. Too bad, because, from the interview with Wendy, it seems like Brandy was looking forward to a chance meeting in the hallway. But it never came about.

Oh well, maybe Brandy will have another shot at the upcoming red carpet premiere? Hopefully, the (hidden) cameras will be rolling again!

Here’s the interview. Brandy actually looks like she misses Kim Kardashian.

Funny what goes on behind closed doors…

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