Brangelina Engagement: Is Julia Roberts Jealous?

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Although Mirror, Mirror star Julia Roberts has made headlines over her proposed wedding present to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, tone of voice is often more telling than the printed word. When Roberts offered to babysit for Brangelina, she just didn’t seem to mean it.

Just before Roberts revealed her ideal wedding present for the pair, she made a highly sarcastic comment when asked if she had heard the happy news. “Indeed. Oh, yes. It’s always nice when you’re ready to hitch your wagon for eternity.” In that light, Julia’s offer to babysit seems less than magnanimous.

It’s no secret that Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt worked a lot together when he was getting together with ex Jennifer Aniston on The Mexican and the Oceans films. Although it is unknown just how she felt about Aniston at the time, she is clearly not thrilled with Pitt’s choice to wed Angelina Jolie. Could there be a tad bit of jealousy?

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