Brangelina Is Now Brang-ALONE-a: Brad and Angelina, Most Famous Couple, Breaks Up

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Brad Pitt Takes a Stressed Angeline Jolie Out in NYC!

Can this really be true?  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on their way to a permanent breakup?  It seems like the “perfect” couple is not so perfect after all and is heading separate ways.

The Inquirer got word from an insider that,

 “Angie is throwing her energy into building a life apart from Brad”

  Angelina is apparently packing her and the kids belongings and heading to Europe for awhile.

The couples fortune is worth about $330 million and they are working on dividing it up between the two of them.  They own mansions in France, New Orleans and Los Angeles.  NY Daily News reported of the couple signing legal papers and will share custody of their six children who will live with Jolie.  Reports claim that Pitt has already purchased a mansion next to their Los Angeles home.

Pitt and Jolie have had their fair share of battles recently.  Us Weekly has reported that they have fought over spending time in New Orleans because Jolie doesn’t like it there.  They were also seen fighting on Jan. 6 while out to dinner in New York.

The Inquirer also brought forward reports that the couple’s relationship has been under a lot of stress including an attempt suicide by Jolie, and Pitt being kicked out of the house for drinking.

The legal papers are there, it’s just a matter of when everything goes into effect.  They want this process to be a clean-cut situation without the mess!

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