‘Brave': Latest Disney/Pixar Film Not Just for Kids

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Disney/Pixar’s latest feature film Brave (in theaters June 22) might be trying to capitalize on the success of The Hunger Games. But audiences probably won’t mind another story about a strong-willed adolescent with a talent for archery. This film like other Disney/Pixar movies such as Wall-E and UP will probably appeal to both children and adults alike.

ChicagoTribune critic Michael Phillips gave the film three stars. At least one of those stars is probably due to the fact that the film is “the first princess-themed project from Pixar and the writers wisely make this headstrong royal an action heroine foremost.”

And as usual the quality animation work that has become a trademark of Pixar shouldn’t be overlooked either. And Phillips comments on the work of the talented folks at Pixar when he writes in his review, “Many aspects of Brave remind us, at a glance, why Pixar rules the American animation game.” But since Phillips was apparently never taught to say anything nice, he’s quick to criticize other aspects of the film.

For instance in the review, Phillips writes, “I wish the script were sharper. With the greatest Pixars, such as Ratatouille and Wall-E, the audience has very little idea of where things are headed, and the results aren’t simply unpredictable; narratively, tonally, thematically, they’re brave. Ironically, Brave is less so.”

All due respect to Phillips but it’s hard to trust his opinion, since he finds fault in just about every movie he reviews. Audiences are intelligent enough to decide whether or not they want to see a movie. And audiences are capable of deciding whether a film is good or not.

If past Pixar films are any indication, viewers who are “grown up” enough to see this movie, despite the fact that some might say “it’s just for kids” just because it happens to be animated, probably won’t be disappointed.

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