Bravo Looking for Friends to Cast for ‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice

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Teresa Giudice has angered every single one of her castmates, as well as the adult children of her castmates. She officially has no friends. So, if a fifth season does happen, Bravo will be looking to find Teresa two friends that they can cast with her. This stems from everyone refusing to film with her. To film and keep things interesting, the show needs to have Teresa interacting with more people than just her husband and kids.

Now, this is not to say that Teresa will remain friends with these people. This could make for some fantastic drama.

A current cast member of Teresa Giudice says, “She has done so many things to each member of the cast that at this point it is everyone versus Teresa. I know they are looking at several friends of hers to join the show so she has someone to film with. At the moment, no one has been invited back, but we are all pretty sure Teresa will have two new friends.”

This is definitely the most drama-filled of all of the Housewives shows, so adding two new cast members can only make things better. Teresa will have allies — in the beginning at least — and this can only be good for viewers and bad for the cast. With allies, she is likely to get even crazier than she was this past season.

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Teresa Giudice at the Posche Fashion Show

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