BravoTV: Real Housewives Of D.C. Finale Recap

On the finale of the Real Housewives of D.C., the Salahi’s went to the White House State dinner uninvited. Their name was not on the list, nor did they have an invitation.

On the last episode, while Michaele was getting her hair done, she told the beautician about the event. The beautician asked to see the invitation, but according to Tareq Salahi they didn’t need one. Michaele then called Stacie to tell her about the event. Stacie was happy for her until she found out they crashed the state dinner, in the next day’s newspaper.

When the other housewives found out the Salahi’s crashed the state dinner, they were shocked and livid. Cat was furious because she was no longer invited to the White House Christmas dinner because of the Salahi’s stunt.

During a public hearing Mary, Lynda, Cat and Paul all sat down and watched the Salahi’s live testimony on television. Neither one of the state party crashers cooperated with the White House Board’s questions. For every question asked they both replied by saying, “As advised by counsel, I respectfully serve my rights to remain silent, and decline to answer your question”.

Sept. 22, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - TAREQ SALAHI and MICHAELE SALAHI.Michaele Salahi Comes Clean.Michaele Salahi and Tareq Salahi appear live on program ''Steppin' Out of the Tabloids.Sapphire Club, NYC 09-22-2010.Photos by , Photos Inc. 2010.K65972SMO. © Red Carpet Pictures

There were mixed opinions about the Salahi’s and Lynda wasn’t backing down. She suggested Michaele get a job like, making license plates in prison.

Later on Stacie and Jason invited the Salahi’s to their home to discuss what happened. Mary and Lynda declined to attend, but Cat was all for it. She wanted to hear what they had to say. When the Salahi’s arrived they acted as if nothing ever happened. They complimented Stacie and Jason on their home, which offended Cat. Cat then decided to leave, but before she left she gave Michaele and Tareq a piece of her mind. She described them as being fake and artificial. She said they were a disgrace to America. At first Michaele was ready to leave, but Jason convinced her to stay. Stacie tried to talk to Michaele again, but she refused to discuss the White House matter. She told Stacie that they weren’t allowed to talk about what happened. Stacie did not let up. She told Micheale that what they did is making people not want to be in the same room as them and causing others to disassociate themselves from them. Michaele responded by saying, “people who know us, can stand to be in the same room with us”.

When Jason gave his input on the matter Tareq joked around saying, he must have been watching Bones. Tareq acted as if he wanted to talk about what happened, but Michaele was resistant. By then the Salahi’s were ready to go and this time they left out the back door!

In the end Mary and her family moved from McLean to D.C.,Stacie finally met her biological father from Nigeria, Cat and Charles divorced, and Michaele admitted she had been battling MS for the past 17 years.

What the Salahi’s did was wrong! They did indeed crash the White House state dinner. When they arrived the lady at the gate kept saying their name wasn’t on the list. She then told them to step to the side, but the Salahi’s kept walking and found their way into the state dinner. To make matters worse they took pictures with prominent figures and politicians, as if they knew them. During the hearing they didn’t answer any questions because they knew what they did was wrong. Also where was there proof? Noone ever saw an invite and yes it was needed, if your name was not on the list.


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