Brazil Blackout An Example of Cyber Terrorism? (Video)

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Combine a 60 Minutes piece on cyber terrorism on Sunday night with a Brazil blackout that happened today, November 10, 2009, that has “tens of millions of people” without electricity and we have a new threat at the forefront of everyone’s minds.  The full story about the Brazil blackout can be read at in the article Blackout Leaves Millions Without Power in Brazil by Mark Memmott.  According to the article power is out in much of San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The 60 Minutes piece below from Sunday, November 8, blamed blackouts in Brazil in 2005 and 2007 on cyber terrorism and stated it is becoming a serious threat to the United States.  With more and more utilities becoming controlled by computers a strike against the power grid in the U.S. is rising to the top of possible terrorist attacks.  The 60 Minutes piece goes into greater detail on the effects of an attack on the electricity grid of a major U.S. city.


60 Minutes – Cyber Wars – Sabatoging the Sytem – November 8, 2009

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