Brazil Brides Face Fine for Being Late to Own Wedding – Will Have to Pay $300!

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Brazil brides will face a fine for being late to their own wedding!  A church in Brazil is fed up with tardy brides and has set up a fine of $300 if they’re late. It would seem that this South American nation is not interested in the term “fashionably late.”, Priest Roberto Carrara at the Nossa Senhora de Lourdes Cathedral is tired of tardy brides disrupting scheduled masses and other ceremonies so his church has started a deposit requirement.

Couples who want to get married there would have to make a $300 deposit. They would get that money returned after the ceremony if they arrive to the wedding on time. Unfortunately, if the bride arrives late, bye bye $300!

Interestingly, it’s a common tradition for Brazil brides to arrive at least 10 minutes late to their own wedding. Worldwide, how many weddings actually take place on time anyway? With the hassle of guests, preparation and wedding day jitters, being late is to be expected.

Too bad this church doesn’t see it that way.

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