Brazil Magnet Boy : Is He For Real?

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Brazil’s so-called “Magnet Boy” has attracted a lot of attention, including that of many skeptics. Supposedly the boy can stick metal objects to his chest, but many now believe that it is all just a hoax. Can this boy really stick spoons, forks and other metal objects to his body?

If it is a hoax, it’s a pretty good one! Paulo David Amorim, age 11, has made people wonder how he is able to stick metal objects, including cooking pans, to his body. His father says he decided to test his son’s magnetic abilities after hearing that a Croatian boy was able to attract metal objects.

After his test, Amorim’s father was shocked to see that his son was in fact magnetic. Soon, his son was being called the new “Magnet Boy”.

However, in all of the photos, Amorim is seen with his shirt off, which has led people to believe that he isn’t really magnetic after all. He’s just sticky.

“The fact that aluminum pots — as well as copper and silver coins — stick to this kid, rather shows that his touted ‘magnetism’ — unless it has been drastically improved to pick up normally non-magnetic materials — is simply due to sticky skin,” said James Randi, a magician, in reference to the Croatian magnet boy.

What do you think? Is this boy really that magnetic that he can attach pots and pans to his skin? Or is it all a hoax? If it was just forks and knifes, it might be more believable as a hoax, but when he is putting pots and pans on himself – which are often heavy – doesn’t that make it sound more real? Either way, no one will know if he is truly magnetic until he puts a shirt on and attempts the trick then.

Photo courtesy of CTV Canada

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