Brazil Nightclub Fire: Witnesses Say There Were No Emergency Exits Inside Packed Club

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The Brazil nightclub fire devastation is horrific. As more news comes out about the destruction that has so far left 245 people dead and hundreds injured, it seems that the owners of the club are to blame for not having emergency exits in place.

Not only are the club owners to blame but also the band who was performing are partially to blame as they set off pyrotechnics and aimed them at the ceiling, causing the blaze which is said to have spread very quickly.

“I don’t think there was an emergency exit,” Fernanda Bona, a survivor, said. “We didn’t know what was happening inside. It all happened in five minutes, not even. Five minutes after I got out, I saw a lot of panic and lots of people trying to get out. “

It’s unimaginable how much panic there must have been because the club was said to have been packed far past its capacity with local college students. Sadly, almost all of those who died were from the University of Santa Maria.

Instead of winding down from a fun-filled weekend, those who attended the party and survived will only be reminded of how lucky they were to get out alive.

Are you shocked by the death toll in the Brazil nightclub fire? Do you think the club owners are to blame?

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