Breakdancing Gorilla, Calgary Zoo’s Latest Attraction

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A breakdancing gorilla, Calgary Zoo’s latest attraction, is getting worldwide attention after the zoo placed a video of the gorilla doing its dance routine up on YouTube last Friday. Zola’s dancing is such a hit, the video, which received more than 15,000 views over the weekend, has gone viral.

Zola’s routine included some fancy footwork as the gorilla splashed around in a small puddle of water inside her cage. Zola also shows off with a few spins.

Who knows, perhaps Zola will receive an invitation to appear on the next Dancing with the Stars competition!

It’s actually not surprising the gorilla can dance so well, considering how closely related humans are to gorillas, but it’s amusing to watch, nonetheless.

Zola is originally from the Bronx Zoo in New York and came to the Calgary Zoo two years ago. She was accompanied by three other young gorillas. Now one of eight Western lowland gorillas at the zoo, this breakdancing gorilla has become famous in just a matter of days.

There are many gorilla-themed activities at the Calgary Zoo this month as the zoo has placed these animals in the spotlight. Their intent is simply to raise people’s awareness of these lovely animals. “Western lowland gorillas are considered ‘critically endangered’ by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.”

Before you know it, Zola, the breakdancing gorilla, will be appearing on every talk show imaginable.

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