‘Breaking Amish’ Rebecca and Abe Past Living Conditions Revealed!

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On the hit TLC show Breaking Amish, Abe and Rebecca meet and fall in love. While it seems like a super sweet love story, it is a complete and utter lie. In fact, Starcasm did some sleuthing and found a source who recently spoke out about the couple. The source revealed that the couple have been together for a few years and even revealed how the couple lived during Rebecca’s pregnancy (that’s right, they also have a baby together.)

According to Shannon Edwards, “They’ve been out of the Amish com­munity for some time, and they’ve been a couple for years. They stayed in a camper behind our home for sev­eral months in 2010 while Rebecca was pregnant with their baby girl.”

While some may be quick to discredit Shannon, it is important to note that there are pictures of her with Rebecca. Shannon also claims that, while the camper may not have had a lot of modern amenities, Rebecca would use Shannon’s often. The girls even spent time together poolside, but Rebecca wasn’t covering up her body, but rather wearing bikinis around the pool. Shannon also claimed that Abe wasn’t shy about throwing back a few alcoholic beverages.

A lot of viewers have accepted that the show is, for the most part, a manipulated story line with very few truths. The fact that TLC is trying to pass off Rebecca and Abe’s love story is almost laughable, especially considering there are even photos of the baby born to them well before the show aired.

Perhaps the network should have gone about presenting the show differently. They could have introduced the cast as being part of the Amish community at one time, but who chose to use their experience to reenact a script for the network. People may have still watched it, but at least then they wouldn’t have felt lied to.

Are you surprised to learn that Abe and Rebecca once lived in a camper in their friend’s backyard?

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