‘Breaking Amish’ Rebecca Byler Admits That She Does Have a Daughter

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Breaking Amish is TLC’s new hit show which takes fans into the lives of five young adults leaving their Amish and Mennonites communities for the first time. At least, that is what the network wants you to believe. Ever since the show made its debut, there have been some pretty shocking claims made about the cast as well as the show itself. Not only do many feel lied to by the network (there are claims that the show may not be chronicling the individuals’ first treks out into the real world), but they also have many questions that remain unanswered.

Several weeks ago, a photograph of Rebecca Byler and Abe Schmucker emerged, showing them with a baby girl. Immediately, people assumed that the couple had a baby, but neither spoke about it. In fact, on Sunday night’s all new episode, it was revealed that the other cast members did not even know about the little girl!

Getting ready to walk down the aisle, their friends decide to throw a bachelor/bachelorette party for the couple. Even though they may no longer be Amish, Rebecca and Abe still have morals and are hoping that the party doesn’t get too crazy. Of course, with Jeremiah Raber as the best man, it seems obvious that things would get a little crazy. Unfortunately, crazy may be an understatement! After dishing out some party novelties (you know, your usual penis shaped straws and necklaces), the strippers emerge. It seems that, even though the novelties were a little much, Rebecca was able to handle them, but the strippers were another story.

Immediately, she stormed out of the room and shouted that she had a daughter. This came as a shock to everyone, including the home audience! Rebecca is then shown on screen talking about her daughter who, as it turns out, may not even be Abe’s! As fans may already know, Rebecca was married before she met Abe (read more about that here). However, what fans didn’t know is that man may indeed be the father of Rebecca’s baby (who is 19 months old). According to her, though, he denies that he is the father of the baby and that doesn’t seem to bother Rebecca too much. Abe is then confronted about the situation on camera, calling it only a “private matter” and refused to discuss it further.

Even though there was a slight hiccup, the couple end up tying the knot. The reunion specials promise to divulge more crazy secrets and maybe Abe and Rebecca will open up more about the little girl (like, where has she been during filming?)

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