‘Breaking Amish’ Secrets: How Much Was the Cast Paid?

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Breaking Amish has intrigued fans and has them asking many questions. Some wonder if Jeremiah Raber is really as bad as his past criminal record would suggest, and do Abe and Rebecca really have a daughter? Most of these questions surround individual cast members, but what about the cast collectively as a whole? For instance, how much did TLC pay the cast members for the show? A new report out by NBC Chicago has the answer!

TLC producers said that the cast members were only given small stipends for their New York City adventure. It makes sense that they would want the cast to live without as much help as possible, but then how did they pay for their elaborate nights out (including bachelor parties and weddings)? Reportedly, the cast saved up a substantial amount of money before filming. Were they really expected to spend their own money on all of the excursions? Surely TLC helped out a bit here and there.

Of course, this contradicts an interview given by a friend who used to know Abe and Rebecca very well. In fact, she says that the couple stayed in a camper behind her house! She says that Abe worked for a landscaping company, but was spotted driving a brand new truck around the time of filming for the show. The friend speculated that Abe had a new job and is convinced that it was as a reality show star.

Obviously, the cast had to be paid something for allowing their lives to be followed, but the answer is just how much?

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