‘Breaking Amish’ Star Abe Schmucker Says Amish are ‘Petrified’ of TLC Show

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In 2012, it is pretty much impossible to keep a secret thanks to the Internet. How TLC ever thought they could pass off their show, Breaking Amish, as truth is a question on many viewers minds. The show aims to introduce viewers to five young adults who leave their Amish communities for the first time, and while the show is fun to watch, there seems to be very little truth behind the premise. Even though the season finale is set to air this Sunday, TLC is bringing back the cast for a reunion special, and they promise that all the secrets will be spilled!

Along with a preview clip of the reunion, a statement regarding the special was released, which read, “From drunken fights and hook ups, to whether any of them have been married, have kids, or have been arrested, it’s a raw discussion revealing intimate details about their lives and relationships.”

Did TLC always plan on revealing this information, or is it something that they are doing in response to the backlash that they have recieved? Most people who have done a quick internet search for the show know that Jeremiah Raber has been married prior to the show and is the father of three kids. He also has an extensive criminal past which has been substantiated by several court documents. It is unclear if TLC will address Raber’s past directly, or if they will simply skim over it in hopes of not painting him in too harsh of light.

Then, there is the issue with Abe Schmucker and Rebecca Byler. Reports indicate that Rebecca was also previously married before leaving her husband in North Dakota and running off with Abe. The two are also rumored to have a daughter, which is something else that viewers are hoping will be addressed in the new special.

In the clip, Abe speaks out about the people who are talking about the show and says, “The people that are talking are either friends of the Amish or are ex-Amish. And, they’re p*ssed off and petrified because they think we’re making them look bad and we’re saying the truth.”

Of course, thanks to the magic of editing, it is hard to say if Abe is referring to a particular incident that people are talking about (oh, there are many) or if he is referring to the show in general. Either way, the reunion should clear up a lot of questions that people have, and it is great that TLC is putting it out there. Some people may feel these things should have been addressed before the show aired, but at least the network is addressing them at all.

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