‘Breaking Amish’ Star Jeremiah Raber Goes Back to Girlfriend After Sex with Co-Star

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If you’re ex admitted to sleeping with other people, would you take them back? What if they made the admission on national television?

On Wednesday, TLC released a short clip of a scene which will air on the season finale of Breaking Amish. The clip shows Jeremiah Raber heading back to rural Ohio in hopes of rekindling a romance with the girl he left behind to go on a trek to New York City and “finds himself” with a handful of other Amish.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with venturing out into the world and partaking in new experiences (except for the fact that Jeremiah Raber has totally already done that before the show). However, having sex with your co-star and admitting it on television may make it hard to rekindle any past romances (just saying).

Nevertheless, Jeremiah Raber decides to leave New York City and go back to Ohio. What will his ex think of Jeremiah returning to her door? In true cliffhanger fashion, the clip ends just as she opens the door, so it is unclear how the meeting will go, but it should be interesting!

Out of all the cast members, Jeremiah Raber has come under the most fire for his past. Not only is he quite familiar with the “outside world” (he had tattoos before the show), but he also has quite the criminal record. Aside from being cited for driving (oh yeah, he’s driven a car before, too) without a seatbelt, he has also been arrested for domestic abuse against his ex-wife (who has spoken out about the show) several times.

Will you be watching the final episode? What do you think will happen?

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