‘Breaking Amish’ Star Mug Shot and Violent Past Revealed

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TLC’s new show Breaking Amish has been creating a lot of buzz, but not exactly for the reasons that the network would like. Rather than people raving about this “ground-breaking” show, they are actually questioning its authenticity. Making matters worse is the fact that there is a lot of evidence showing that the cast members have been living normal lives for several years. In fact, the latest evidence shows one even has a criminal past!

That’s right, Jeremiah Raber left the Amish community years ago and is very familiar with all of the technological advances that he claims to be surprised by. As a matter of fact, Raber was even married at one time and has three kids. Now, his ex-wife is coming forward with some shocking claims of domestic abuse and there are police reports and a mug shot to back up these startling claims.

CBS 21 (based in Eastern Pennsylvania around Lancaster and Harrisburg) did some digging on the story and came up with a lot of hard evidence. Among what they found were 17 police reports, eight of which cited domestic violence. They also spoke with Raber’s ex-wife who detailed the horrible abuse.

Naomi Stutzman said, “I’ve been in the hospital multiple times from this man. He was physically abusive. I have the police reports. It’s the main reason we are not together. I had to go to the battered women’s shelter and now TLC is glorifying this man on a family show.”

If Stutzman is to be believed, then the network knew about their up and coming star’s checkered past. Stutzman says that she was offered $10,000 to not speak out about her ex-husband, a small amount considering the terror that she endured while married to him.

TLC denies these claims and had “no comment” about the police records that the news site found.

Lately, TLC has come under fire for many of their shows. Other shows, like Here Come’s Honey Boo Boo also have people scratching their head, wondering what exactly is it the network is going for. In terms of ratings, these shows are going to bring in good numbers, but is it for the wrong reasons?

Do you watch Breaking Amish? What are your thoughts on the show?

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