‘Breaking Amish’ Stripper Confrontation Revealed

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The show Breaking Amish may or may not (most likely may) be incredibly staged, but there are still some genuine moments on the show. Even though the cast may no longer be a part of a community which restricts many of the events that most partake in, these people did grow up with a strict lifestyle. As a result, it is easy to see why Rebecca Byler isn’t a fan of something as kinky as sex toys.

As fans may already know, Rebecca and Abe are planning on getting married. Their fellow Amish cast are a part of the wedding and, as a result, are busy planning the couple’s bachelor and bachelorette parties. Of course, since the couple come from a sheltered life, they aren’t exactly open to all the “evils” that normal life has to offer. One of these things are sex toys.

On the most recent episode, best man Jeremiah Raber decided to purchase some kinky novelty items for the parties including necklaces, straws, and a blowup doll. Of course, in an attempt to tone things down, they did put a bikini on the blowup doll. While the couple gave in and used most of the novelty items, the blowup doll was not welcome in the room and Rebecca threw it into the hall!

The crazy parties weren’t the only drama though! Sabrina has a new man and it isn’t Jeremiah! Even though the two cast mates admitted to hooking up, Sabrina isn’t looking to continue things and has found herself a Baptist boyfriend. While she may be done with Jeremiah, her new boyfriend isn’t very fond of him (he is still texting Sabrina) and is ready to intervene if he has to.

Next week’s episode looks even crazier, though. It turns out, the sex toys aren’t the only surprise that Jeremiah has for the couple, but also hires strippers. While they may have been able to handle most of the sex toys, both aren’t happy about the strippers and storm out. Not only that, but Sabrina’s new boyfriend stays true to his word and confronts Jeremiah.

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