“Breaking Bad”: FLY ReCap – Season 3 Episode 10

I’m an avid Breaking Bad fan and I have been since the series aired last year. To me, Breaking Bad is the new Soprano’s, back when the Soprano’s was good… before it seemed a corporation took it over. Breaking Bad is still infantile and malleable, one can take it and mold it into greatness or stretch it so thin that it shrivels into nothingness.

Tonight’s episode of “Breaking Bad” titled “Simple Chaos” was in my opinion a simple mess! We start things off in their high end meth lab in the basement of a laundromat with Jesse and Walt ending their discussion over conflicting numbers of their Methamphetamine batch, it’s obvious the weight is off and needless to say that unbeknown to Walt, Jesse is taking from the batch to sell on the streets becasue YO! it ain’t right! YO!

Jesse leaves for home but Walt tries to figure out why the weight is off until a fly buzzes by then Walt is CONSUMED by the fly… Walt is convinced the fly will contaminate the current Methamphetamine batch and thus ventures on a pathetic mission to kill off said fly. In the process, Walt falls down and injures himself and also creates a makeshift flyswatter.

When Jesse returns the next day, he is quite concerned with Walt’s eccentric behavior and begins to believe that Walt has probably been sampling the Methamphetamine… plus, Walt’s crazed desire to destroy the fly before it completely contaminates their current batch is hindering Jesse’s ability to cook and steal (embezzle) the meth. Jesse is eventually tricked and locked out of the lab but returns later with fly catching supplies. (NONE work though)

Along with the fly supplies, Jesse bought some sleeping pills and slips them into Walt’s coffee… after much mumbo jumbo and no real action, Walt begins to waver and then is lead to a couch to sleep while Jesse finishes cooking the meth and of course stealing a portion of it.

The Episode ends with Walt waking up and trying to explain to Jesse how deadly things could become if Jesse truly were taking from the batch.

Did they kill that damn fly? NO… In short they devoted an entire show to a fly.

Yes! I realize that Walt has several issues going on and that Jesse is trying to branch out but still AN ENTIRE EPISODE TO A FLY!!!???

WHATEVER!!! BTW!!! Breaking Bad did an amazing job with it’s preview for this episode! They completely made it seem like Jesse had beaten Walt to a pulp! AWESOME and totally MISLEADING!


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“Breaking Bad”: FLY – Season 3 Episode 10:


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