‘Breaking Bad’ Season 4, Episode 3, ‘Open House’ Review, Predictions, Analysis

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In the opening scene of Breaking Bad‘s Episode 3 Walt feels like a monster using Gale’s coffee machine. He looks up and spots the new Gale, a video camera.

Skylar bangs on Walt’s door and demands to talk. She prods and questions about Walt’s bruises, he twists the events in a comical rendition. Quote of the scene: “I will get peas… I will get ice… I am writing it down (while just standing there).”

Marie invigorates herself out of the doldrums of her actual life by fabricating a background story for a real-estate agent at an open house. Despite Hank’s unfair, curt and close-minded behavior towards Marie she has come off as quite annoying this season. In the open house scene, her character gets some spice, she’s being a little bad.

The scene with Hank rushing to turn off a porno is wonderfully done. As Marie walks in he hides that secret, and feels guilty but defensive. However she is guilty herself and hides her open house surveying, both deceive and overlook each other’s deception. The scene ends with a little foreshadowing by holding a shot of a small statue of a donkey on their dresser.

The next scene with Marie has her spilling fantastical lies about an astronaut husband. After this open house the real estate agent notices a silver spoon missing from the owner’s collection…

Finally at Marie’s last open house, she bedazzles the home owners with more stories invoking pity over a disease stricken daughter. Although fairly convincing and clever, the real-estate agent from the previous house appears and confronts her. In an altercation, the two struggle over Marie’s purse and when Marie’s purse bursts, her stolen items and self-respect plop flat on the asphalt. Marie is really messed up, a full on kleptomaniac, really breaking bad here.

The beginning shows her as crafty but this soon fades to sloppiness. Stealing a spoon after talking about them to the real-estate agent? What a buffoon! How could the real estate lady not notice a spoon missing from the full display. At the police station when in tears, did Marie not look like Michael Jackson?

After work Jesse seeks Walt’s company by asking him to go go-cart racing, but Walt refuses, citing a meeting with Skylar and Saul. Walt half halfheartedly plays a father figure to Jesse. He asks if everything’s okay, and if there’s anything Jesse should tell him. Jesse counters with a comment on Walt’s bruises repeating “is there anything you should tell me?” Helpless angst displays itself in all its frustration and pity when as Jesse go-carts in a vacant and sterile arena. He’s a not so young, young adult reduced to driving in circles.

Upon pulling up in his average Joe hatch-back his house reveals itself to be an extremely disastrous tweeker pad! Graffiti, bondage, brawls, and unconscious people litter his house. However, Jesse looks fairly normal physically and only consumes a cigarette. He sits on the couch in blank observation and gains a twisted sense of comfort in the chaos.

The meeting with Saul showcases Breaking Bad‘s favorite lawyer at his sleazy ‘best.’ He pitches a nail salon business as the means of laundering Walt’s money. As Saul touts his professionalism, his huge black bodyguard hurriedly scuffles across the backyard and begs to use the restroom on account of an irritable bowel. Skylar and Walt decide emphatically to only pursue his former workplace the car wash for the laundering, but they remain undecided on how. The next day Skylar has an epiphany and reaches for a pack of matches that read: ‘Saul Goodman attorney at Law- Se habla Español.’

Attack of the body snatchers! Skylar employs a fake EPA agent to tell the car wash eyebrow guy his business violates environmental codes. Through his bluetooth, the fake agent receives a word for word script from Skylar she beautifully controls him as if he were an avatar. The car wash eyebrow Romanian guy gets very upset but eventually submits to the ruling handed down by the agent via Skylar. She grins with perfect satisfaction, Skylar breaks bad and loves it.

In at least three scenes tension builds upon Hank and Marie as the question of “kids” is brought up. It’s subtle, but in one scene a bowling announcer comments “speaking of babies he [some bowler] has two new ones one including Joseph and…” Hank’s sad reality gets a pick-me-up as his cop buddy drops off a copy of Gale’s lab notebook. Oh my! Walt’s name has got to be in there! At this moment it looks like he’s done for. Hank is the only one not to break bad, could he be tempted next? When will he learn of Walt and will he have the gall to crush his own whole family?

The car wash eyebrow guy inevitably calls back begging for Skylar’s deal. Skylar shows great poise in negotiating with him, this grit illuminates the contrast of Walt’s amateur and overly eager behavior. A great dialogue from this scene:

Walt: “You’ve gone too far with this, you’re calling him names?”

Skylar: “I didn’t call him names, I called him unpleasant.”

At Jesse’s crack den, the dialogue of the night goes to some random stoner:

“If enough people keep on pushing you will get pushed right through that chain link fence. Like Play-doh or some sort of soft meat.”

Jesse continues to struggle, he funds silly games with meth-heads and even throws money in the air yelling “money.” So far he only feeds off the chaos without falling into it himself. By living in a self enforced hell he punishes himself.

In the happy scene of the episode, Walt and Skylar meet on the other side of bad and celebrate with a laugh over a $300 bottle of wine. She reprimands Walt’s careless ways, but after they continue to celebrate. This is the first moment of happiness for Walt in many episodes, they rest assured. With her tutelage they may be able to live happily on the other side of bad. Unless, Hank has something to say about it. The Breaking Bad drama is on! Hank opens Gale’s lab book and is on the case…

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