“Breaking Bad” Season 4? YES! It’s Official!!!

http://media-files.gather.com/images/d63/d404/d746/d224/d96/f3/full.jpgOne of my favorite shows… actually and honestly my current favorite show, the one I look forward to and wait an entire week for: Breaking Bad has been picked up by AMC for a fourth season and that’s no surprise to me. Is it a surprise to anyone that’s followed Breaking Bad?

In my opinion, this meth making show is turning out to be the BEST show on TV, tantamount to the Sopranos. Let’s hope it continues to be good all the way through.

This news came just hours after the Breaking Bad season 3 finale aired and AMC did a VERY strange thing with it’s season 3 finale. AMC aired it in full throughout the entire day… seriously, I’ve never seen that done to a finale of any show and guess what! My husband and I watched it twice! We love it that much!

I was going to do a recap but I realized that because I love Breaking Bad as much as I do, my recap could possibly take up to an hour and a half to write because I wouldn’t want to leave out any of it but for this post I will do a super condensed version, sorry.

Walt is almost killed by private eye guy but has Jesse kill Gale so that Chicken Man will keep them both on to make meth… yeah, that basically covers it.

So we are left the cliffhanger of what happens now to our two meth makers? Once a fumbling science teacher, Walt’s character has matured into a cold blooded killer who shows he’s wise to the games being played around him but Jesse is still a liability in my eyes.

What will Breaking Bad Season 4 bring us? I hope it will be as good as this season. Season 1 was good, Season 2 sucked, Season 3 was great, Season 4???





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