‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5: Walt Turns 51 as His World Gets Darker

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Breaking Bad finds Walt turning 51 when Sunday night’s episode begins with more problems piling on his plate. While fans know what life will be like for Walt at 55, due to a flash-forward in the season opener, the journey on how he got there begins to play out and as usual it’s full of twist and turns.

Last week’s “Hazard Pay” set the stage for a power struggle between Walt and Mike. Since Walt killed Gus, his inflated ego is dangerous and Mike reminds him that “Just because you shot Jesse James, this doesn’t make you Jesse James.” Walt let it go for now, but the wheels are turning.

TV Overmind reminds the fans that Walt has gone so far into the darker side, that there’s probably no way for him to come back. Tonight’s episode is a credit to the minds of the writers of this show, as the character’s will have some unexpected reveals for the fans.

Walt can cook with Jesse until the cows come home and produce a product second to none, but he doesn’t know the business end of the meth pushing. That’s Mike’s department, but it proves too costly. Mike’s ability is what he needs, but it looks like he’s already figuring out a way to do away with the need for his very expensive business partner.

After the money from the first batch left Walt and Jesse with only $130,000 each out of the 3 million earned, Walt questioned Mike. It seems a sizable part of the money went for “hazard pay” to Mike’s “guys” in jail. These were the ones arrested around Gus’s empire falling in on itself after Gus died.

This has nothing to do with Walt and he’s not going to sit back and let Mike tell him that he has to kick money in for Mike’s “guys” in jail. While the meth business has a rocky start, Walt’s home life is just as rocky. Breaking Bad is beyond redemption for Walt as the lies, manipulation from this power happy guy keep building.

When Walt shows up unannounced to move back home, Skylar is walking on eggshells. You can see the fear and almost panick on her face as her husband unpacks his belongings. Skylar goes along with Walt and even his nightly advances, but she does it out of sheer fear. The strange thing is, Walt is liking having this effect on people.

Sunday night’s episode will give the viewers a good look into Skylar’s train of thought and where she plans on going in the future. Don’t forget in that flash-forward Walt appears alone and incognito. He is also far from home at a dinner he stopped in during his journey, suggesting he is on the run.

While his brother-in-law, Hank the DEA agent, has had short and quick parts in season 5 of Breaking Bad so far, there’s still a good chance he’s going to offer some friction in Walt’s criminal life. The scenes he’s been in so far this season looks as if he’s already pondering Walt’s involvement in the making of meth!

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