‘Breaking Dawn 2′: Five Important Facts

Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 is just months away from movie theaters and the excitement is already brewing for fans. Here’s five facts about the film to keep those fans occupied until then.

Bella grows up in a big way. Fans know that, as a human, she was awkward and never fit in. However, it turns out she’s good at being a vampire. She takes to it quickly. Bella’s always been smart and courageous, but now she’s also stronger, faster and more motivated than ever to protect what is hers. She’s also a looker and super feminine, which is a huge change for her character. Talk about your about faces.

The feud between the vampires and werewolves is over or at least on hold for now. After all, Jacob imprinted on Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee at the end of the first film. Now that he’s committed himself to her wholly, there’s nothing getting in his way when it comes to protecting her. Plus, with her growing at incredible speed, she’ll be his age before anyone can say Stephenie Meyer.

The Voultri are coming after the Cullens. They mistakenly believe the family broke a major vampire law by turning a human child into a vampire. Bella’s claims that Renesmee was “born, not bitten” hold no water with them, because they couldn’t possibly be wrong. Right? Of course, one is left wondering if they’d really care anyway. They’ve been after Edward and Bella the entire time. Why would they let a little truth stop them now?

The Voultri don’t stand a chance. Bella isn’t going to let them get their hands on Renesmee. Being mother to a half human, half vampire child who grows with incredible speed has a way of kicking in all Bella’s maternal hormones. She’s been protecting her daughter since she found out she existed and she’s not about to stop, even if means killing every Voultri single-handedly.

The ending will be climatic. That’s given. It’s been nothing but drama since the first frame of Twilight hit the big-screen. Things aren’t going to change now. However, the Cullens tire of being hunted by the Voultri and the judging council’s been itching to pick a fight. They’ll get it too. But chances are they aren’t expecting to see werewolves fighting to save a vampire; even one that’s half human. Good money is on the Cullens and the werewolf nation.

While all the loose ends might not get tied up, a lot of them will and that’s sure to please fans of Breaking Dawn 2. However, they’ll also find it sad to say goodbye to the characters they’ve grown to know and love.

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