‘Breaking Dawn’ Fans Sued over Leaked Photos

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Unnamed Twilight fans, ten of them, have been hit with a lawsuit over leaked photos from a Breaking Dawn production company’s “unfinished work print.” The lawsuit has been filed against “John Doe” defendants, which means names are not available, reports AHN News. Yes, it is unusual to sue your own fans, and yes, the investigation does not yet seem to know which fans they are suing, but it all works out as a giant intimidation factor to—Summit Entertainment hopes—make people stop spreading stolen Breaking Dawn pictures around the internet.

Background information says the “John Doe” lawsuit is needed so that Summit Entertainment, the production company behind the Twilight Saga, can subpoena Twitter to get the actual names and addresses of the ten people doing most of the disseminating. Then they can serve legal papers on the fans involved. Twitter will not give up that information without a court order.

Another reason all this is unusual, is that no financial or personal harm has been done to anyone. Does any sane person really think the folks who see these leaked pictures will say—“Okay, I’ve seen it all. Why go to Breaking Dawn, the movie?” No way will that happen. This is not a leak-it-so-I-don’t-need-to-buy-it situation. So what’s the real problem?

The real problem seems to be that Stephanie Meyer and Summit Entertainment want things their way. They originally said, in a statement reprinted everywhere, that the leak was “deeply upsetting” to all those involved in creating the film. Really? Does any of this matter at all?

Well, it will to the fans who may eventually be named in the lawsuit. If that happens, it will be expensive. In the meantime, practice patience. November—and the first Breaking Dawn movie—can’t be that far away.

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