‘Breaking Dawn’ New Director Bill Condon WILL Make Final ‘Twilight’ Film “Way More Gay”

According to ReelLoop, Twilight Saga’s latest recuited and openly gay director, Bill Condon will make sure his adaptation of ‘Breaking Dawn’ is “Way More Gay.”

Micheal Condon has directed such films as Gods and Monsters, Kinsey, and Dreamgirls.

“There’s always been a pretty gay element to the Twlight movies — it’s hard to see all those fetishistic shots of the ripped, shirtless boys in New Moon and argue with that,” Condon said. “I’m hoping to take it to the next level. The next level of gayness… I want to retain the basic elements that Stephanie Meyer included in Breaking Dawn,” the director added. “But I want to add many more gay elements. I haven’t decided yet what those will be. Maybe everyone will have goatees.”

Now then that’s quite the shock, even for me, but remember I’m quoting a satire/ blog… you can judge for yourself how factual these claims are. As for me, well, yeah, the Twilight saga appeals to the senses of teenage girls so of course there are going to be sensitive themes that will appeal to anyone with a sensitive nature. I’m just glad the movie is going to be made even if it’s split in two… I love Edward!!!

SOURCE: Bill Condon Promises to Make Final ‘Twilight’ Film “Way More Gay”


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