‘Breaking Dawn’ News: At Least Four Separate Girls Will Play Renesmee

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There’s new Breaking Dawn news coming out today. Apparently, four little girls will play the role of Renesmee in the last Twilight film. Sounds confusing, right? Not really.


The girl cast to play Renesmee in Breaking Dawn is MacKenzie Foy. She will be the main face of the character. As Twilight fans know, in the book Renesmee grows extremely fast–so fast, that itÂ’s nearly impossible to have one girl play the role. ThatÂ’s where the other Renesmees come into play.

File:Breaking Dawn cover.jpgSources think that the other girls will do the physical acting of the part, but MacKenzieÂ’s face will be digitally transferred onto the bodies of the other girls to show the rapid growth. Hey, if they can make Taylor Lautner transform into a werewolf, they can pull this off!

The other girls are experienced actresses. Rachel St. Gelais is six years old, and she starred in The Blind Side. SheÂ’s been giving hints about her part in Breaking Dawn on her Twitter page where she conversed with other Breaking Dawn stars.

Another of the girls, Sierra Pitkin, starred in Juno. She is somewhere between eight and 10 years old. The smallest Renesmee, so far, is Eliza Faria. Her age isnÂ’t listed, but sheÂ’s definitely the tiniest.

You can see all the girlsÂ’ photos here. ItÂ’s quite possible that there will be more girls cast for the role. There will definitely be a baby and a toddler cast in the role.

What do you think about the idea of multiple girls playing the part of Renesmee in Breaking Dawn? Share your thoughts below.

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