‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2′ Camp Twilight Starts Now!

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The big premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is still several days away, but that is not stopping dedicated Twilight fans from getting in line. Camp Twilight is underway and some of the biggest Twihards are already setting up their spots under the canopies. Pictures from Camp Twilight are already hitting Twitter, and these guys look ready for anything.

Fans are gearing up for their long 4-day wait with tents, blankets and the essentials as they prepare to brave the elements. Although the premiere will be held in the rather temperate Los Angeles, the forecast for the next several days is not pleasant. Daytime highs are expected in the sixties, which is tolerable, but those nighttime temps will not be fun. Hopefully, they all brought plenty of blankets and thick socks.

Summit knows how much they owe the fans and are repaying them with a series of activities over the next four days. According to this report, “In recognition of their loyalty, Summit will host a series of activities over the four days for campers.” It can’t be much fun sitting and waiting for hours upon hours, but Twihards are keeping their eyes on the prize. The chance to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in person is pretty enticing. Would you be willing to brave the cold and rain for the chance to see the stars?

Are you excited to see Breaking Dawn: Part 2? Only another week and you can finally see the surprise ending everybody is talking about!

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