‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Offers Waiting, Hoping, Limited Dialogue

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 opened nationwide on Friday and is breaking some box office records. It’s also breaking the hearts of bona fide Twihards who hate to see the series end. What it isn’t doing, however, is providing its audience with fluid dialogue, leaving in the silence way too many opportunities to hope for things that never came to pass.

According to a report from The Boston Globe, ‘idle anticipation’ is a good way to describe the flat dialogue. In fact, the paper describes it as akin to awaiting the release of a new Apple product. You want it. You become very excited anticipating its arrival. You wait some more. And then it’s not quite what it was all cracked up to be.

Most of the waiting in this last installment in The Twilight Saga involved the Volturi, a vicious breed of vampires intent on finding Edward Cullen and Bella Swan’s daughter Renesmee. They wear outfits that are best described as maternity versiBreaking Dawn Part 2 "The Epic Finale That Will Live Forever"ons of high school band uniforms. Dakota Fanning is one of them; Michael Sheen is their leader.

The lack of meaningful (or even existent, regular) dialogue is replaced by scenes that flit from one place to another—Bella flying through the forest, Bella flying across rooms. At one point Bella arm wrestles Kellan Lutz’s character. Dialogue of an extended length would have filled some of the need for these odd effects.

Did you check out Breaking Dawn Part 2 this weekend? Were you disappointed in the dialogue or are you such a diehard fan that the mere presence of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart makes your heart go pitter-patter even if they’re standing mute?

It seems to represent that the time has come to put away the vampire notions and the romance film with just enough other-worldly gore to draw the guys in to see the film. Stephenie Meyer says she has no intention of writing another book in the series and the film proves there’s not another movie there either. At least they’re calling it quits to what is expected to be a great box office haul.

Lots more could have been said in this last half of Breaking Dawn, and probably should have been. The slow dialogue and that ‘idle anticipation’ wouldn’t have required a lot to improve upon. Instead it replaced talk with action—and not really even good action, either. And while that typically meets the needs of middle school aged viewers, those Twihards who started out in middle school or high school when the first Twilight film came out, were probably not fulfilled with this last installment.

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