‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Potential Massacre: Mom Says Why She Turned Son In

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 almost went down in history for all the wrong ways. A potential shooting in a movie theater was thwarted, thanks to the quick thinking of one very savvy mom. Now she’s speaking out about why she turned her own son in.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Tricia Lammers appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday morning and told the heart wrenching tale about turning in her son, whom she believed was about to repeat what happened in Aurora, Colorado at the hands of James Holmes, when he went on a shooting spree inside the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, killing twelve people and injuring 58 more.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 "The Epic Finale That Will Live Forever"“I love my community just as much as I love my son,” she said. “I respect their right to be safe.”

In her son’s defense, she admitted he has some serious, ongoing issues.

“My son does suffer from mental illness. We have been battling this since the fall of 2008. I think any mom at any time would blame herself that she did something wrong,” she confessed. “I hope my son gets the help that he needs.”

Blaec Lammers admitted to a planned shooting spree inside a local movie theater. He then planned to continue that shooting at a nearby Walmart. Lammers appeared in court on Tuesday and his next hearing is scheduled for January 23rd.

Tricia Lammers took immediate action after learning about the assault rifles and more than 400 rounds of ammunition Blaec purchased. Her son had spent significant time practice shooting at a local shooting range.

God bless this mother, who no doubt made an excruciating decision, but definitely the right decision. Breaking Dawn Part 2 producers, actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and director Bill Condon no doubt feel a debt of gratitude to Tricia Lammers for her quick thinking and selfless actions.

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