‘Breaking Dawn’ Part 2 Renders Robert Pattinson Different; How?

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 premieres soon and signifies the end of The Twilight Saga. Robert Pattinson has been a huge part of the franchise since day one. How might life be different for Rob after this last Twilight film hits theaters?

According to a report from Celebuzz, Rob dished on making the five films as well as on how life for him is different now during a recent interview. The first question he was asked is how life differs since the beginning of Twilight and now.

“I’m drinking Robert Pattinson - London, United Kingdomvodka instead of beer,” Rob said, laughing. “Try to get a six pack as early as possible and you’ll be a much more successful actor.”

Do you think the change from beer to vodka is an indication that Rob has moved up in the world? Have his tastes changed? Can he now afford hard liquor whereas before could only afford beer? That’s kind of an interesting way for him to describe how things have changed for him. Which way do you suppose he meant it?

Life has no doubt changed for all the Twilight characters. Rob and Kristen Stewart, however, have been front and center in the entire Twilight franchise since its inception in their roles as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, and are thought of as the foundation of the film series. Their lives have taken many twists and turns in the past few years–most especially since their split this past summer after Kristen cheated on Rob.

Their romance is rekindled now and they will walk the red carpet together November 16th at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere. Will Rob toast Kristen following the premiere with a glass of vodka? Hopefully she knows what that specific change signifies! Do you think Kristen’s taste in alcohol has changed, too?

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