‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’s’ Taylor Lautner and Jimmy Fallon Face Off Over Alligators

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 star Taylor Lautner visited with Jimmy Fallon Friday night and the two faced off over alligators. Fallon is known for the fun and often bizarre games he plays with his guests and this one was no exception.

According to a report from Celebuzz, if anyone can get guests laughing and acting completely foolish—it’s Jimmy Fallon. Earlier in the week he and Robert Pattinson threw water all over each other in what wound up being fun for audience members and home viewers as well.

Robert PaTaylor Lautner.ttinson and Kristen Stewart preceded Lautner’s visit on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon as part of the second Breaking Dawn’s promo week, but it almost seems like the best—game, that is—was saved for last. Fallon and Twilight’s Jacob Black engaged in a game of alligator racing.

Don’t worry, PETA friends—no alligators were harmed during the playing of this game. Lautner and Fallon were the alligators! You can check out a clip of the two ‘alligators’ racing through and behind the scenes on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon set—and see who won—by clicking on the Celebuzz link above.

It’s completely unfathomable what this game had to do with Breaking Dawn Part 2 promotion, but by Friday night Taylor Lautner was likely rather sick of talking about the film for long stretches anyway.

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